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WCS Tradition Reaches Its 148th Year

For the 148th year, Waterville High School students took part in a Prize Speaking contest.

Twelve students performed in the High School auditorium, bringing it back to allowing spectators after last year’s virtual event. Students took part in three categories: Poetry and Inspirational, Comedy, and Satire/Drama.

Since the early 1960s the Waterville Rotary Club has provided monetary prizes to every student who competes. In a nod to Covid regulations, there was no intermission.

WCS Student Council member Jesse Jandreau welcomed the audience and introduced each student participant. First up were five students in the Poetry and Inspirational category.

Jessica Oliver took first place with a story about a pumpkin in the patch; Oliver also was the author of her piece.

Eleonore Collins took second place with ‘If I Should Have a Daughter’ about mothers and daughters.

In ‘Stand Up’, Natalee Collins’ third-place piece provided some inspiration about following one’s dreams.

Hanley Poyer went back to 1933 and performed part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Inaugural Address for fourth place.

Ed Yang’s fifth-place performance looked at ‘True Education’ and what is an educated person.

Comedy and Stand Up brought out the laughs with all three contestants. Cobey Lloyd gave a hilarious explanation of ‘The Ten…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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