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WCS Considers Change In Outside Resident Tuition

Although Waterville Central School District has two rates of tuition for out-of-district residents, everyone pays the cheaper one.

When Board members set a tuition rate about six years ago, they also established one for those families who already had students at WCS but lived outside the district. Since then new families have asked for the lower rate and been granted that by the Board.

However, WCS Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring said non-resident tuition rates should be more in line with actual costs of educating a student. The grandfathered-in rate at Waterville is $283 for Elementary students and $566 for Junior and Senior High students.

That grandfathered rate will increase 2.5 percent for next year, or about $5 and $11, to match the increase in the property tax levy. Waterville has between 25 and 30 non-resident students.

Board members agreed at last week’s meeting that cost is much lower than residents who are taxpayers pay. While no changes have been made to the tuition cost or policy, the discussion began last week on doing so.

For comparison Spring provided the maximum rate WCS could have charged this year, based on a state formula. That cost fluctuates each year.

For Elementary students the cost could be up to $3,971, and for Secondary students up to $6,968. An option third cost - for students who receive services…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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