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Waterville Starts Inspections Of Businesses

As of last week, 19 businesses in the Village of Waterville had undergone their annual inspection for codes issues.

At last week’s Waterville Village Board meeting, Whitey Brown, interim Codes Officer, said in his report that he has done 19 businesses. Brown was appointed to temporarily fill the vacancy created when Board members voted 4-1 to immediately terminate Codes Officer Kevin English. Trustee Gerda Mortelette voted against firing English.

Also in his report, Brown said he issued three new building permits.

Of the business inspections, he said a few businesses that had issues with fire extinguishers and/or CO2 monitors. One business was operating without a Certificate of Occupancy and had a lot of electrical violations. The owner stated that everything will be fixed before re-inspection.

Brown planned to inspect School House Apartments Nov. 16, 17, and 18 and Terry Meadows Apartments Nov. 13.

Also during the 45-minute meeting, Thoma Consultants, the lone bidder to administer the latest Community Block housing grant, was approved.

Len Pugh from Madison Street Office Park contacted the Village about his company’s property on Madison St. where the MVHS and Physical Therapy buildings are. His company would like approval from the Planning Board to separate the property into three parcels: 1.68 acres of vacant land, the physical therapy office building, and the MVHS building.

The property is zoned Special Use. If the property is separated into three parcels, the zoning would need to be changed to Planned Development.

MVHS will be purchasing their property. Since the Village dissolved the Planning Board, the Village Board will act in its place.

The preliminary plans were approved and a public hearing on the changes will be done at the Nov. 22 meeting.

Mayor Gene Ostrander said a court appearance ticket has been issued to the owner of 198 W. Bacon St. for an ongoing codes violation.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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