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Waterville Grads Reunite

Gregory Elliott, a BORTAC Specialist (Border Patrol Tactical Unit) was sent to Fort McGregor, New Mexico, for a special ops training last month.

The training was exclusive to 12 BORTAC members and two Airforce TACP Officers (Tactical Air Control Party Specialists) nationwide.

Elliott told his mom, Shelley Elliott, he was shocked to hear a familiar voice bid him hello. It was Casey Jones, a 2014 Waterville Central School graduate and a current Air Force TACP Specialist.

Elliott graduated from Waterville in 2013.

The two Waterville Central School graduates had last teamed up several years ago on the WCS football field. The entire group was astonished to come to the revelation that the two had gone to a rural high school together in CNY considering the size and location of the elite training.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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