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Waterville Adopts Signage Regulations

New signs in the Village of Waterville will need to meet the requirements of a law adopted last week.

After a public hearing that had no comments, Village of Waterville Board members adopted a law that regulates signs in terms of size, placement, illumination and number. The law applies only to businesses and not residential properties.

Some examples of the new regulations:

*Portable/sandwich board signs can be a maximum of 4 feet and have to be removed when the business is closed.

*Window signs have to leave 40 percent of the window transparent.

*Electronic wall signs are prohibited.

New signs will also require a permit from the village Codes Department. Fees for the permits have not been set.

In other matters during the 25-minute meeting, Waterville Fire Department Chief Jarrod Waufle said Truck 421 is still out of service due to waiting on repairs. Waufle said the truck, out for over a month, was damaged in march at a house fire in Madison.

Madison Fire Department’s insurance has covered the cost of the body work; the truck was due two weeks ago. Waufle said he planned to follow up with the repair company the next day.

Dawn O’Connor was approved as a new member of the WFD. She has experience as a member of the Madison Fire Department.

DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy said $50,000 from the state will allow for bank repairs to a 120-foot section of Big Creek in the village. Banks have eroded near the village wells behind the Firemen’s Pavilion and will be reinforced.

Mayor Gene Ostrander said five communities have signed up to participate in…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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