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Two WCS Principals Decide To Leave District

Waterville Central School District lost two of its three principals in a matter of a few days, moves that caught teachers, students and parents by surprise.

Memorial Park School Principal Karen Hinderling and Junior-Senior High Principal Jennifer Dainotto left the District in the days after the June 25 Board of Education meeting.

The topic of either one leaving did not come up in the public session of the meeting.

Hinderling sent a note to MPS staff later that week saying “After 33 years in education I have made the difficult decision to retire.’’

Hinderling said she’s taken a job as Director of Programs and Services with Perch Place and will be an adjunct professor at Utica University.

She thanked the teachers and staff at MPS for their support during her time, encouraging them to continue some of the programs that came under her guidance.

Hinderling was hired in June 2021 as principal of the

elementary school.

Her retirement begins at the end of the summer.

Dainotto, who did attend the June 25 Board of Education meeting, resigned over the following weekend.

She was hired as principal at the Junior-Senior High in July 2022.

Board members met Tuesday with plans to accept Hinderling’s retirement and Dainotto’s resignation.

A statement put out by the District July 2 said the search for their replacements has started with hopes to have the new principals in place for the start of the school year.

Along with WCS Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring, the District has two other administrators in Assistant Principal Lindsay Owens and Katie Hansen, director of Special Programs and Services.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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