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Town Of Kirkland Approves DRI

The Town of Kirkland gave its official approval for the Clinton-Kirkland application for a $10 million state grant.

During a short meeting last week, the Town Board and Supervisor Bob Meelan approved the list of projects compiled by the Clinton-Kirkland Improvement Committee. Projects include renovations to the Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland Town Library, Clinton Arena, Clinton Pool and funding for expansion by two local longtime family businesses with historic ties.

The local application is in the Mohawk Valley region, one of 10 regions in the state that will see one or two communities receive $10 or $20 million each.

Councilwoman Melanie O’Neil reported that revenue for pavilion rentals in the Kirkland Town Park have exceeded the amount collected in 2019. Work has begun to prepare the Clinton Arena for ice activities.

A resident asked about the flooding situation along Kirkland Avenue. Meelan said because it’s a county road, Oneida County needs to address the matter.

The resident also asked about the proposed solar farm project also on Kirkland Ave. Meelan said the town’s Planning Board is handling that matter; their next meeting is scheduled for 7:30, Sept. 27.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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