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Solar Project Covers 94 Wooded Acres

Atlas Renewables has submitted a detailed application and site plan for a commercial solar farm off Clinton Road in the Town of Kirkland.

The application is to the Town of Kirkland Planning Board to request a Special Use Permit for the project. The town requires commercial solar projects to get an SUP.

Kirkland Solar is a subsidiary of Atlas and would be the operating company for the solar facility. The solar panels would be on one parcel currently owned by Jim Brock.

Atlas has also talked to three other property owners for access to the site.

They are Kevin and Mary Hilsinger, who own two parcels; Denise Lloyd and Ralph Campbell, and New York state.

Atlas has worked out an option to purchase with Brock and easements with the others. According to the application, 52 acres would be physically disturbed the remaining 47 acres would be fenced.

The application says a total of 170 acres will be affected.

The application states the panels will be set back from the road and screened from being seeing by nearby residences on Homewood Drive.

The buffer will range from a minimum of 50 feet in some areas to a minimum of 150 feet near Homewood.

Atlas states the commercial panels will generated enough power for 2,200 average size homes. The application says is that is comparable to planting 20,000 trees that can absorb 600,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide a year for at least 25 years.

Atlas will provide wildflower meadows and nesting boxes in the fenced area.

The application states Atlas is in conversation with the Sherrill Brook Community Forest Coalition to work together on an educational trail around the solar farm off Clinton Road. ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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