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Smoke Shops Allowed To Open

With two smoke shops open and one proclaiming to be in the Village of Waterville, the sudden popularity of these has raised concerns among village residents.

Mayor Gene Ostrander, at last week’s Village Board meeting, said there is nothing in the village’s laws to prevent any of them, and more if they come. “I keep hearing why we as a board are allowing them to come,’’ he said. “We can’t control that. If five more come there’s nothing we can do.’’

The owners of the smoke shops - which sell vaping devices, tobacco and accessories and items for marijuana smoking - are not and can not sell marijuana, Ostrander and Codes Officer Whitey Brown said. They can sell CBD products but cannot be a marijuana dispensary.

One shop on the corner of Stafford Avenue and East Bacon Street has been open for about a year. The same owners are trying to open a second one on Main Street in the former diner and Stinker’s.

Despite the signs in the window saying Smoke Shop Open and Welcome, Brown said the owners are a long ways from doing so because of the work still needed. Brown said he went there for a final inspection but none of the work he had said was…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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