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Second SWAT Prank Targets Clinton House

The Oneida County Sheriff's Department responded to a second SWAT prank call in the area last week.

Deputies were dispatched to Franklin Avenue in the Village of Clinton to assist the Kirkland Police Department with checking the welfare of a female, 17, where information was obtained she was being held against her will by her live in boyfriend.

Initial attempts to make contact with the female in the residence came with no avail. More resources from the Sheriff's Office were notified.

Due to the initial reports of the female being held against her will, the Metro SWAT team and negotiators were notified and responded.

After several hours of attempting to make contact with the female, she exited the residence and spoke to the negotiators. It was determined the female was not being held against her will and that she was in the residence at her choice.

After checking the welfare of the female, the law enforcement presence cleared. It was determined no crimes had been committed by those at the residence.

This follows a call the week prior in the Village of Waterville where a man said he had shot his wife and her boyfriend at his home. After SWAT team members responded, it was found the call was false.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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