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School Board Candidates Outline Priorities

Because of contested races for Board of Education seats in the Clinton and Waterville Central School Districts, the Times asked the six people to respond to questions about why they are running.

Candidates also outlined what they see as their district’s priorities for the next year and what they would like improved. Their responses, as submitted, are on Pages 4-5.

Voting on board candidates and budgets for all districts is Tuesday, May 18. Times vary by district.

In Waterville, the budget will require passage by 60 percent of those who turn out to vote. Waterville’s budget of $19,096,357 would add 2.5 percent to the tax levy.

Clinton’s budget of $29,147,253 reduces the tax levy by .39 percent.

In Brookfield, the budget of $7,192,137 will stay within the tax cap of 4 percent in increasing the tax levy.

Madison’s budget of $11,181,980 will not change the tax levy for next year.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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