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Sangerfield Board Reviews Budget

The Sangerfield Town Board had a special meeting in September to discuss the 2022 town budget.

Superintendent Bill Fredericks gave Board members information about the budget.

Each line of the 2022 proposed preliminary budget was discussed. This included Salaries, Spending, Contracts, Retirement funds, Boards, and the Youth Program.

Highway Superintendent Karl Buschor went over the monthly report on the Highway and reported on his 2022 Highway budget. He reviewed the necessary importance of getting the vehicles replaced.

Buschor said a loader, pickup truck, and a plow truck are needed. He also said the mower will need to be replaced soon or the tractor will need to be replaced with a tractor compatible with the mower deck.

Buschor asked the board to approve the funds to buy a hydrant to wash the trucks. It will save time and money.

The board discussed this at length. It was decided it was a good idea. Board members planned to review cost estimates and vote on it at the October meeting.

Also at the meeting, former Councilman Don Brown attended to ask about replacing the flag pole in the Sangerfield Green at Routes 12 and 20. Brown had estimates for a new pole and lights and asked if the town’s Highway Department could help install a new one.

Board members approved having the town purchase a new pole and solar light for the site.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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