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Richfield Springs Makes Repairs To NY Barracks

The Village of Richfield Springs purchased mobile radios for the DPW trucks.

At a cost of $5,593 DPW Superintendent Joe Coan said at the Board’s February meeting it would make communications much easier between the Town and Village workers.

Two Variable Frequency Drives at a cost of $9,600 were purchased for the Water Treatment Plant.

The Village agreed to assume the role of Lead Agency for the Water System Improvement Project and Water Treatment Plant and Sanitary Sewer Plant Improvement Project.

Two-year terms for mayor and two trustee seats are on the March 19 ballot for Village elections.

The Board approved a quote of $42,500 from Sentry Mapping for the Lakeview Cemetery.

The meeting concluded with a one-hour executive session to discuss a personnel matter.

At the Board’s January meeting it was reported that the dwelling at 26 W. James St. has been brought to the attention of Otsego County for codes violations.

Board members voted to accept a quote of $8,200 from Tobin’s Heating for a new furnace in the New York State Troopers Barracks.

The money came from a Reserve Fund for improvements to the Barracks and was subject to a permission referendum.

At the Board’s earlier December meeting it was agreed to spend $59,300 out of the Reserve Fund for a new roof for the Barracks.

A dog owner on West James Street will continue to receive notices of violations for the animal despite not paying previous fines.

At the Board’s December meeting Zoning Officer Joe Roberts suggested charging for permits and research fees because of increases in postage.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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