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Richfield Opts Out Of Marijuana Law

At their December meeting, the Richfield Town Board voted on the first step to opt out of the state’s new laws allowing sale and consumption of marijuana on public property.

Board member Fred Eckler was chosen to run the meeting in the absence of Supervisor Nick Palevsky.

Eckler and Council members Ed Bello and Rex Seamon - Councilman Larry Frigault was also absent - voted to set a public hearing for Dec. 29 to then vote on opting out of the marijuana laws that went into effect Jan. 1. No dispensaries or on-site consumption places will be allowed in Richfield under the opt out decision.

Cindy Klemm informed the board that Richfield Youth Sports received a $163,000 grant. Klemm thanked everyone that helped with the processes…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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