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Prize Speaking Returns To MPS

Fifteen students at Memorial Park School took the stage for the Prize Speaking Competition that brought back the first public event at the elementary school in 20 months.

Families came to the Elementary School gym earlier this month to hear poems and short monologues by students in third through sixth grades. Benjamin Wood, Chikako Ikeguchi, Jill Kervin and Mary Beth VanDenbergh served as judges.

In third grade Helen Wilcox placed first with Two Prophecies.

Hayden Hoyte placed second with My Dog Lives on the Sofa.

Haydynn Ruane was third with Snowball and Addy Jones had Honorable Mention with I Went Downtown.

Natalie Kilts won first place in fourth grade for I am a Noted Liar.

Abbey Casatelli was second with God & Dog.

Mason Denis placed third with Thank You Veterans and Chase Hafelin had Honorable Mention with an excerpt from Charlotte’s Web.

Morgan Massey placed first in fifth grade with Sick.

Layla Barnes was second with Cannonball and Quinlyn Holmberg third with By Myself.

In sixth grade Julianna Parmeter was first with The Witches.

Summer Ross took second with They Call it Science.

Samantha Cook placed third with As the Crow Flies and Adelaide Ruane had Honorable Mention with Happiness.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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