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Plainfield Receives New Loader, Truck

A regular meeting of the Plainfield Town Board was held May 12 in the Town Hall.

Assessor John Davison reported the tentative change letters went out late due to the power outage from the storm. Grievance dates were in May.

The Board of Assessment review met May 26.

Highway Superintendent Rod Jennison sent in a report the new pay loader and new truck have been delivered. Saunders Gulf, Frost Drive and Skaneateles Turnpike will be paved.

The revised 284 Agreement was presented and approved by the Board.

The April Supervisor reports, Town Clerk reports, Minutes and abstracts were presented and approved by the Board.

Bids were presented for painting the town buildings and information was compiled for a Comprehensive Plan for the sidewalks.

A letter of resignation from Tom Peeters, who was on the Board of Assessment Review, was accepted by the Board.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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