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Plainfield Cemetery Damaged, Town Demands Quick Repair

A Regular meeting of the Plainfield Town Board was held Oct. 12 in the Town Hall.

The meeting was opened to the attending public to address any concerns.

A public member expressed concerns regarding the new sidewalks being put in as they have historic slate sidewalks in front of their property and they do not wish to have them removed.

They were assured that the new sidewalks have been completed with the ARPA funding received thus far. Their sidewalks will not be affected at this point.

Larraine McNulty gave a report of the new Town signs being installed. The old signs were made of wood and had deteriorated beyond repair.

The new signs are laminated plastic and bonded on aluminum.

The funding for the signs was received half from Friends of the Forks and the other half from the McNulty’s and Pablo and Brenda Davis.

There was ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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