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Pickleball Courts Planned

Using the existing tennis court, the Village of Waterville will add two pickleball courts at Babbott Park.

DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy explained at last week’s Village Board meeting how the tennis court can remain in use for tennis, while two pickleball courts can be added at each end.

Along with painting lines for each game in a different color, the Village will buy a portable net to move around as needed.

Pickleball has become popular in recent years as an alternative to tennis. Village officials said equipment might be provided by a player in the village left at either Village Hall or Waterville Public Library for anyone to use.

Bechy also said he would be buying six maple trees to place near the new playground at Babbott to provide shade. A drinking fountain will be added near the bathroom that also works as a bottle filler.

However, not all the discussion at the meeting around Babbott Park was positive.

The Village has received complaints of a man sleeping in the kiddie train during the day.

In addition, Trustee Brian Bogan had photos of a teenager riding a dirt bike around the walking path. Bogan, whose yard abuts the park, said it’s happened more than once, including when kids are playing in the park.

The Village will spend $1,275 to survey the dirt road…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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