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Old Ambulance Up For Sale By Village

At their February meeting, the Richfield Springs Village Board voted to sell an old ambulance used by the Richfield Springs Fire Department.

The vehicle would be listed on Auctions International for two weeks. If no bids are received the ambulance will be disposed of.

Richfield Springs Fire Chief Mark Elderkin also asked for approval to purchase a step/rescue van from Otsego County for $1. The department will use it for an ice water/water rescue vehicle; permission was given by the Board.

Elderkin also received approval to purchase Diesel Exhaust Fluid for $719.

Code Enforcement Office Joe Roberts said the ongoing matter at 18 Johnson St. has been turned over to their attorney.

Roberts also cautioned residents to wait to purchase supplies for projects until approval has been given by the Codes Department and Zoning Board.

Payment for property maintenance at 67 Sylvan St. has been made.

Mayor Robin Moshier asked for Board approval to hire Hannagan Law Firm for matters pertaining to the Emergency Medical Service issues. The Board voted 4-0 to do so.

Moshier said repairs to the Post Office should be completed in June.

ISD Technician Michael Labarr’s report stated the village’s Office Server needs to be replaced. The Board voted to secure the data until a longterm plan for the network is set.

Richfield Springs Library Director Mindy Baker said a bid from Renewal by Anderson of $39,110 was accepted for the library windows that will be…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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