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O’Falls Adds Cameras In Village Parks

The Oriskany Falls Village Board added security cameras to two parks.

At their October meeting Trustee Brian Bell presented a revised quote for installing a security camera in Douglass Park.

Board members approved payment up to $8,500 for installing cameras at both Douglass Park and Maple Ave. Park.

Board members also gave permission for Marianne Witkowski to use the vacant space on the second floor of the Village Hall to conduct an exercise class. Her credentials, proposed plan and Insurance are on file.

The Village will allow use of the room by Witkowski on a month-by-month lease basis for $25 a month.

Witkowski was expressed her frustration with the way the special meeting was called in July.

The Board explained the procedures of calling a meeting and going into executive session.

Lastly Witkowski discussed the width of Cottage Street sidewalk.

Russell Clements said ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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