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No Surprises In Village Elections

Results from last week’s local village elections went the way of the ballots.

All candidates on the ballots in Clinton, Madison, Oriskany Falls and Waterville ran unopposed and won their races. New terms start April 1.

In Waterville, Mayor Gene Ostrander was re-elected. Amanda Briggs and Gerda Mortelette were elected to the two trustee positions. Mortelette received 63 votes and Briggs had 39.

In Clinton, Elizabeth Tantillo was elected mayor with 57 votes.

Trustee John Lauchert was re-elected with 57 votes, while candidates Joanne Gilles and Richard Fuller each received 55 votes to join the board.

In Oriskany Falls, 27 people turned out to vote, with 26 of them voting to re-elect Mayor Steve Jeffers. Trustee Gerald Pedersen also received 26 votes and Trustee Brian Bell 25 to be re-elected.

In Madison Kelly Moyer was re-elected trustee.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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