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No Fee Changes In Village Budget

Village of Waterville Trustees Daniel Nichols and Laurie Fuess finish their four years on the board this week. Both chose not to run for a third term.

The Village of Waterville’s 2021-22 budget holds the line at raising taxes and fees.

Village Board members adopted the spending plan at their meeting last week. The $1,181,804 budget uses $229,911 from the fund balance, or savings, to balance out the expenses.

The water budget of $392,500 and sewer budget of $388,700 do not increase user fees for the coming year.

Also during the Board’s 30-minute meeting last week Department of Public Works Superintendent Jamie Bechy said the insurance settlement from the collapsed building at the Wastewater Treatment Plant will come close to covering costs to remove the building and replace it. Board members approved an emergency quote from Schachtler Contracting for $172,758 for a pole barn to replace the structure that collapsed in a recent storm.

The building was scheduled to be demolished and replaced as part of the improvement project going on at the sewer plant and grounds. The City of Utica, under the Shared Services agreement, will haul away the old building this week.

Construction of the new building will start April 4, Bechy said.

Trustee Brian Bogan said he has had requests to make the 3-mile loop from…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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