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New WCS Mascot Ideas Touch On Local Traditions

As Waterville Central School District begins to find a new mascot, students, alumni and community members want one that is both fierce and fun.

A meeting last week gathered people from all those areas to start thinking about what will replace the Indians by 2025. A New York State Education Department directive requires all schools using Native American mascots to find something else and make the change in two years.

WCS Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring said the District will take time with finding a new mascot, but will begin to replace the Indian and headdress used on school communications. That temporary logo will be a purple capital W trimmed in gold. The font of the W has yet to be decided.

The meeting provided a chance for in-person brainstorming and discussion.

Starting this week people can go to the District website for a digital thought exchange of ideas, and the next mascot meeting is Feb. 15.

Spring asked people in small groups three questions….


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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