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New Plan Will Guide WCS

Over the next months the Waterville Central School District community will be hearing a lot about SEAL.

WCS Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring outlined the newly created plan to Board of Education members and those watching the livestreamed meeting on YouTube. The program - called Social Emotional Academic Learning plan - will be the touchpoint for how the district leads students and staff out of the year-long impact of the pandemic.

During the 90-minute meeting, Spring said SEAL focuses on all three aspects of student and staff well-being. “It’s like a journey,’’ she said of having the district begin to return to normal activities. “You need a map.’’

Creating the plan will roll out in several steps. Board members will use a retreat meeting this week to establish guidelines and goals.

Also this Friday, staff members will use a Superintendent’s Conference day to talk about SEAL and begin defining details on how it can be achieved.

Parents have a chance to hear about it and offer their thoughts at a Monday Meet March 22 conducted through a virtual meeting. Visit the district’s website or Facebook page for the time and link.

Another aspect, Spring said, is a school climate survey, updating the one done five years ago. “The biggest indicator to positivity is belonging,’’ she said.

An assessment of all district programs will be taken to see how they align with the three elements, Spring said.

Community partnerships will be looked at to see how they can be used to enhance the social, emotional and academic learning focus.

Business administrator Tracy Leone called the bid opening for the next capital project favorable to the district. After reviewing, she will bring bid…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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