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Movie Has Local Connection

A Snowy Day in Oakland, an urban comedic drama written and directed by Utica native and former Frankfort resident Kim Bass, opened in theaters nationwide.

Locally, the film will be shown at the Orchard 14 Marquee Cinemas in New Hartford.

“This story is very personal, as it is based on real people and elements of my early childhood growing up within the black community in Utica,” said Bass, adding that the film’s end credits will feature photos of Utica locations from his early childhood days.

Bass has family connections to the Bridgewater area.

The plot centers around a beautiful psychologist from San Francisco who ends a stalled romance with her high-profile psychiatrist boyfriend and business partner and opens her own practice in a vacant storefront space on a small commercial block across the bay in Oakland.

Her presence turns this predominately African American and psychologically ignored neighborhood on its emotional ear.

Rated PG-13 and slated for 700 to 1,000 theaters nationwide, the film is Bass’s second to hit theaters across the United States in the past year. Last March saw the release of Bass’s Tyson’s Run, an inspiring family drama…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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