Meelan’s Market Celebrates 75 Years Serving Customers

For 75 years, Meelan has been the name in the area for quality, specialty meat products.

Meelan’s Market has been at the four corners in Clark Mills for decades. At the helm of one of the area’s longest family-owned businesses is Bob Meelan.

Meelan has a unique role in the community. Not only is he serving the community at his market, he’s also in the public eye as the Town of Kirkland supervisor.

Before Meelan was specializing in the meat business and heading local government, he was a kid from Clark Mills living above his family’s store.

Growing up around the family market, Meelan saw his parents operate the store and how they interacted with the community.

He tells stories of his father’s extreme kindness to community members having hard times. He speaks of his mother’s dedication to keeping that market running no matter what, sometimes putting in extra-long hours to meet community needs.

The market started when Meelan’s grandfather purchased the store from a previous owner. Meelan’s uncle was also part of the business.

Meelan’s father and mother took ownership of the store in the 1940s, and later purchased the property the store is on.

Meelan’s father was a butcher. In addition to supplying the area with red meat, chicken and pork, the market also manufactured Italian sausage….

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper.