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Marijuana Sales In Waterville Approved By Tie

Marijuana sales in the Village of Waterville received enough voter approval, although so did rejecting the sales.

After counting the ballots voters filled out on Election Day at the polls, Proposition 1, whether the Village will allow retail sale of marijuana, stood tied at 61.

The tie remained after Oneida County Board of Elections counted the 12 absentee ballots, which put the proposition at 67 in favor of opting out of the law, and 67 residents in favor of allowing retail sales.

A deciding vote cast either at the polls or as an absentee was either left blank or was voided on this question. Had that ballot counted, either the Proposition to opt out would have passed or been rejected by one vote.

But because the vote ended in a tie, the Board of Elections ruled the Village did not have an affirmative vote so the proposition was defeated. This will allow anyone to apply for a license to open a retail cannabis establishment within the Village.

The second Proposition passed in support of rejecting onsite consumption; that also had one blank or voided ballot.

Voters rejected having onsite consumption stores within the village, 78-56.

Village officials provided an explanation near the polls on what a yes or no vote meant, given that the wording on the ballot was confusing. A yes vote on either proposition meant no to having the new marijuana sales law allowed in the village.

While municipalities that opted out can jump in later on, those who approve marijuana sales and onsite consumption cannot later opt out.

Waterville’s Village Board will also have a change in…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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