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Local Author Continues Series

Local author Bruce Rubin of Millers Mills, writing under the pen name Vincenzo Spiaggi, has published his 16th work of fiction, “Fulcrum.”

“Fulcrum” is the 14th book in The Johnny Skull Series. “Fulcrum” is the sequel to the 2021 novel, “Demon Sphere.”

The storyline focuses on approximately a dozen radical congressional hopefuls who are the targets of World Interconnect, an international terrorist-hunting organization. These would-be politicians, supported by radical, international financiers, are on a quest to crumble the United States and its culture.

WI-7, with the help of a notorious gang of hoodlums and two other terrorist-fighting organizations, attempt to eliminate the threat of these politicians and other radicals. Additionally, WI-7 is an important part of a plan to destroy a major terrorist-training facility in a Middle Eastern desert.

Once again, fate and luck intercede to assist in the success of WI-7’s plan. Johnny Skull, the most respected WI-7 agent, leads a group of 35 agents in…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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