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Local Attorney’s License Suspended

The Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court ruled this month that Waterville attorney William Getman was guilty of professional misconduct.

Getman, who received his law license in New York state Feb. 22, 1977, was suspended from practicing law for one year immediately after the ruling was filed Feb. 2.

The ruling states during the time he is suspended Getman is forbidden to practice law in any form.

As of last week his law office, Woodman and Getman, at 130 E. Main St., Waterville, was closed.

Getman is the sole attorney in the firm that has operated in Waterville for about 100 years.

It originated with the Fuess family, became known as Fuess and Woodman in 1942 and then Woodman and Getman when Getman became a partner shortly after becoming a lawyer.

In addition to the law practice clients, also affected are some local municipalities who employ Getman as their attorney.

These include the Village of Waterville, the Town of Sangerfield and Village of Oriskany Falls.

Getman is also the local trustee for the Edward Barton Fund, a role that is not impacted by the decision.

According to the ruling, the grievance was brought by the Village of Earlville, where Getman had been the village attorney since 2006.

The ruling says the professional misconduct came when he neglected a client’s legal matter, failed to keep the client informed about the matter and made a false statement of fact to the tribunal presiding over the matter.

Afer first filing a response denying the charges, Getman then agreed to admit he had engaged in professional misconduct.

That agreement with the legal Grievance Committee included the recommendation for a one- year suspension of his license.

The issue stems from a 2016 civil lawsuit filed against the ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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