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It’s Time For What’s Next

Coming out of high school in Oneida, Art White had his career path set.

He wanted to be a fireman. White said he liked the idea of working for 24 hours, then having 72 hours off. “I thought about what I could do with all that time,’’ he said.

White had no fear of hard work. As a boy he went with his dad, Willard, to the growing business of selling farm machinery and supplies. Sorting parts set him up for working on helicopters in the service overseas.

When he came home from the Army, White enrolled at Mohawk Valley Community College, taking courses in fire science. But that changed as he fell into another venture.

“I had a house and it needed furnishings,’’ White said. “That led to buying and selling antiques.’’

Working with dealers in Oneida and Madison counties, White said he loved the challenge of purchasing something and then selling it for a higher price. Because he turned out to be a good salesman, a friend hired him on weekends to help in his Bouckville store.

“I sold a lot,’’ White said, “and he wanted to hire me full time.’’

He might have taken that road, but his dad sat him down for a talk. “I was traveling a lot and working all the time,’’ White said. “Dad said there’s got to be something better to…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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