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In The Stacks

By Ruth Rowe, West Winfield Library

Sorry I didn’t get this article out a few weeks ago but (yippee!), it has been busy at the library.

Not quite pre-Covid but getting pretty close. Right now, our focus is on the Summer Reading Program.

We have programs on Wednesday nights at 6:30 for children and their families. By the time this is published we will have had a magician, books n’ crafts, and a puppet show.

In August we have the musician Tom Sieling on the 9th, and the Zoo Mobile on the 16th.

We really want to keep children reading in the summer because it makes a huge difference in their reading skills. The reading loss adds up year after year, making a gap between the children that do read in the summer and those that don’t.

We have several other things to get them excited to come to the library.

We have hidden painted rocks around West Winfield, Miller Mills, and Cedarville areas. The rocks have a library sticker on the back and if they find one and then return it to the library, they get a prize.

We also have a puzzle we are putting together with puzzle pieces they color.

Then there is Storia the rock snake. People can add painted rocks to the snake and each rock makes the snake get longer. Adults may add rocks also; this one is not just for children but the community.

So far, Storia is about half the length to the library but I hope she makes it all the way.

When the children take out a book, they get a slip of paper that they can return to use to try and win a T-shirt for that week. We had 27 slips in last week's drawing so there are books being read.

With all that reading they fill out a reading sheet. If they read or are read to for 15 minutes they mark or color a heart. When the sheet is filled out, they bring it in…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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