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Going Gray In Madison

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Greg Jeffris of Madison loved sports.

He liked college basketball, especially Duke, and watching soccer at any level.

Most of all Jeffris was known as a good guy and hard worker who loved his family and his job in the Buildings and Grounds Department at Colgate University.

His death in December 2019 from a quick-spreading type of brain cancer left the family stunned, said his niece, Chelsea Lehmann.

“He was only 55,’’ she said, “and was diagnosed just a year and a half before he passed.’’

Lehmann thought about the other families in similar circumstances, losing a loved one to a brain tumor. She connected with the National Brain Tumor Society and put together a benefit in Hamilton.

“We raised almost $15,000,’’ Lehmann said. “It went well over the goal.’’

Next week a second event to raise money for research will take place at Madison Central School.

The Gray Games - gray is the color associated with brain tumors - will feature two girls games plus a performance by the Marshall Mavericks cheerleaders.

Lehmann said combining Madison and a sports event is ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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