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Former Clinton Resident Part of Peloton Push

A former Clinton resident and her family show up in a nationally broadcast commercial.

Yom (Odamtten) Fox and her children, Poppy, 8, Ollie, 6, and Benji, 3, appear in a Peloton commercial that’s currently airing.

Fox grew up in Clinton and graduated from Clinton High School in 2000. Her husband, Jared, graduated from Hamilton College. The couple and their children stay connected to Clinton with yearly summer vacations to the village. Fox and her husband are educators in New York City.

Fox joked, “Everything comes back to Clinton.” So, it’s no surprise that Fox’s experience with Peloton started in Clinton.

During their 2019 summer Clinton vacation, Fox rode a Peloton at the Hamilton College fitness center. On their drive back to New York City, Fox talked to Jared about the new interactive, stationary exercise bike.

They bought one. Fox said in May, she received a message from Peloton.

At first, she thought it was a spam message. However, she read on. The message asked if she’d be willing to speak with someone from Peloton about her experience with the bike.

She agreed. Fox and Peloton set up a time to chat over the phone. The company representative wanted to hear about “actual riders’ experiences during corona[virus].”

Since Fox said she truly loves the bike, it was easy to talk about her experience. Her testimonial was so convincing the company representative who called was persuaded to buy a bike, she added.

A week later, Fox received another email from the company stating they were…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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