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Family Run At WCS Ends

When Sheri Brennan retires at the end of the month, she will do so as the third generation of her family to work at Waterville Central School District.

Since Aug. 11, 2003, Brennan has been the secretary at Memorial Park School. Her grandmother, Laura Salm, taught English at the High School for 35 years and her aunt, Sandy Martin, retired as the superintendent’s secretary and Board of Education clerk the year after Brennan started with 28 years at WCS.

Brennan said her family’s history weaves through WCS, starting when her dad’s mom began teaching in 1942. Her parents, Dennis and Nancy Salm, met in sixth grade as Waterville students; Brennan and her two sisters are WCS graduates.

So are all their children, starting with Brennan and husband Patrick’s two sons, and their two nieces and three nephews, two of whom will be Class of 2023 graduates this Saturday.

“Waterville Central School has been my whole life,’’ Brennan said. “I grew up with family working here and now I’m retiring.’’

She and her dad’s mom Laura were…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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