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Early State Aid Picture Bright For Mt. Markham

Mount Markham Central School District would receive an additional $764,000 in state aid if the proposed amounts are approved by the state Legislature.

At last week’s MMCSD Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Joe D’Apice said the early projections put out by Gov. Kathy Hochul stand by her commitment to provide better funding for schools. He said Hochul’s aid proposals look to help poorer, rural districts receive a more fair distribution of Foundation aid.

Mount Markham would see a 5.65 percent increase, or $764,000, in the largest aid category for school districts. Districts getting over 3 percent, D’Apice said, are those that were shortchanged in the past.

In Herkimer County, the Herkimer District is projected for a 17 percent increase, with Little Falls at 11 percent and Dolgeville and Central Valley at 6 and 6.4 percent.

During the 40-minute meeting Vice President Jay Kulczak ran the meeting as Acting President of the Board. Board President Cynthia Miller. Miller is being treated for health issues in Cleveland.

Dave Pasquale received permission with his 24-hour advance notice to speak during the public comment period. Miller, who said he has three children in the district, requested that the Board and administration reconsider the rule that students must wear facemasks while in school.

Pasquale said the masks don’t work, evidenced by more Covid cases now than before the vaccines became available. “Why didn’t we do this with the flu, which is more deadly for children,’’ he said.

He also cited confusing statistics from the Centers for Disease Control.

Board members and D’Apice thanked Pasquale for his comments. “We agree with the lack of logic on many things,’’ D’Apice said, “but we have no autonomy as a school district to override the State Education Department.’’

D’Apice said the District would like nothing more than to have local control of regulations and requirements.

He called the recent directions from the state a roller…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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