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Company Will Test For Mold

The Town of Sangerfield hired a company to determine whether there is mold in the Town Hall and what needs to be done.

During an emergency meeting last week in the Town Highway Garage, Councilman Bill Lachmann went over the three quotes he obtained for Supervisor Bill Fredericks and Councilmen Kevin Kelley and Phil Olin.

Lachmann was designated to take the lead in getting the Town Hall back up and running, which includes the Sangerfield Post Office and Town Court.

Both those functions, plus the Town Clerk, have relocated while the matter is addressed.

A complaint prompted the Department of Labor to visit the Town Hall, where three areas suspected of mold growth were seen.

The Labor Department followed the visit by telling the Town it had 30 days to fix the problem or relocate the offices.

Both Lachmann and Fredericks pointed out no one was told they had to leave the building nor was there mold sampling done during the inspection by the Department of Labor.

“We don’t even need to be meeting here,’’ Lachmann said about being in the Highway Garage.

The Board voted to hire C&S Companies out of Syracuse, which provided a quote of $2,320 to test for mold and asbestos.

The asbestos testing to see if any is involved will help in the


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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