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CCS Presents Mamma Mia

By Callie Kozak

Clinton High School is presenting the energetic and fun musical Mamma Mia March 9, 10, and 11 at 7:30 pm.

Astonishing sets and an incredibly talented cast brings this production to life as an annual beloved aspect of Clinton life.

Set on a small Greek island, feisty inn-owner and single mother Donna Sheridan (Alison Wratten, 12th grade) refuses to share with her daughter, Sophie (Alex Abraham, 11th grade), the identity of Sophie’s father.

As she is planning her perfect wedding to Sky (Nicholas Heselton, 12th grade), Sophie comes across her mother’s diary from the year she was conceived and schemes to have her father at the wedding.

Sophie summons the three men mentioned in the diary to her wedding by mail in hopes of figuring out which is her father; Harry Bright (Oliver Walters, 12th grade), Bill Austin (James Klein, 12th grade), and Sam Carmichael (Landon Stilz, 12th grade).

Sophie’s wedding attracts her two best friends Ali (Olivia Cofano, 11th grade) and Lisa (Allie Barone, 12th grade), along with Donna’s former backup singers and best friends, Tanya (Gigi Pinto, 11th grade) and Rosie (Phoenix Townsend, 9th grade).

The audience is also a introduced to Donna’s humorous, not-so-hardworking inn employees Pepper (Matthew Geigel, 12th grade) and Eddie (Izzy Marcus, 12th grade).

The songs of the 1970’s band ABBA tell this loving tale of an independent mother and a daughter who dreams of a big white wedding.

In addition to the eight seniors with speaking roles, nine are in the ensemble: Rosalee Dillon, Ella Fay, Brianna Howe, Haily Keiser, Callie Kozak, Margaret Mawilong, Elise Mozloom, Salyscia Pristera, and Aubrey Schreppel….


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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