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Canadarago Lake Ready For Another Fun Season

The ice is off Canadarago Lake and the season is changing.

Soon, the lake will be alive with boats, swimmers, fishing people, and the transitional “Lake People”.

As the appointed Canadarago Lake Improvement Association Zone leader (one of many) my position is to encourage and be a representative of the people who do not live on the lake. That is not just the Village or the Towns surrounding the lake, but all that use, enjoy, and have an impact on the lake’s good health.

I will not go into the history of the Association. This article is to explain (somewhat) the goals, visions, and purpose of the Lake Association.

In recent years, thanks to some much needed new blood (not necessarily younger, although many are) the Association has become a meaningful organization.

With the current trends of Environmental concern, the introduction of invasives, the need to look to the distant future and also where our lake waters travel to, the Association has developed into a technical and scientific wonder.

And yet, it remains a social, friendly, “everyone enjoy the lake” group. It is the “Voice of The Lake”.

All projects and events center around protecting and improving the lake and uniting the people.

There is a website - www. - and a Facebook page, canadaragolake. Also, questions, concerns, ideas, membership forms can be obtained at

The Board of Directors and several members have worked and are working many hours to obtain funds through grants and membership drives, attending informational meetings regarding environmental and legislative issues, coordinating the many facets of the organization, and keeping folks informed.

There is a close relationship with DEC, Biological Station through SUNY Oneonta, Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership (CRISP), Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP), New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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