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Budgets Pass, Eagles Do Too

Local school districts all received solid support in favor of their 2023-24 budgets.

So did the Eagles in Waterville, which was chosen as the new mascot to replace Indians as of July 1 if approved by the Waterville Board of Education.

In Clinton, the budget was approved 656 to 130. The levy for the Kirkland Town Library passed 638-149.

School Board member Sam Catterson was re-elected with 513 votes. Joining the Board are Rachel Clark (553 votes) and Patrick LaVeck (476). Jeremy Dawes finished fourth with 306 votes.

Waterville’s budget passed 276-83. The proposition to buy new buses was approved 274-86.

Board members Tim Jones (287 votes) and Steve Stanton (280) were re-elected. Joining the Board are new members Justin Barth (319) and Ken Boone, who received 98 of the 187 write-in votes. Joe Biden received two votes for the BOE.

The Eagles finished with 249 of the 693 mascot votes cast. Wildcats came in second with 199 votes.

The levy for Waterville Public Library was approved 305-56 and Clark Memorial Library 297-64. Holly McNamara and Kristin Graves were re-elected to the WPL Board.

Brookfield’s budget passed 60-28. Bernard Whitacre received 52 votes for another five-year term.

Madison votes approved their school budget and re-elected Brett Reiter.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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