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Brookfield Rejects Pot Law

The Town of Brookfield decided to say no to having marijuana sold or consumed in a public place within the town.

Last week’s Board meeting including a public hearing on the matter, with one resident saying she hoped the town would opt out. By opting out, Brookfield will not participate after Jan. 1 when New York state allows businesses to sell marijuana and other establishments to have it consumed onsite.

By saying no Brookfield will forego any part of the sales tax Madison County generates from sales of marijuana. Brookfield’s decision does not impact anyone in the town who applies to grow marijuana, which is done through the state.

Under the process, a resident in the town can circulate a petition, obtain the required number of legal signatures and request a public vote. That has to be done within 45 days of the Board’s decision.

Councilman Clint Abrams said the town can see how the new law works for those towns that say yes. Municipalities that opt out by the Dec. 31 deadline can opt in later; once opted in, towns cannot change their decision.

Board members said their reluctance to say yes now in large part comes because the state has not set up rules and…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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