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Brookfield Adjusts Plan For Repairing Roads

A couple of roads designated for major repairs this year in the Town of Brookfield need to be put off until 2024.

At last week’s Brookfield Town Board meeting, Town Supervisor Loren Corbin said the CHIPS money (Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Fund from the state) received this year will go for York Road. Doyle and Dugway roads need to reach the 10-year mark since last addressed and can be done next year.

However, Corbin said Dugway Road was in such rough shape the Town will take $30,000 from its unallocated savings for work this year. “It’s a Band-aid fix,’’ Corbin said, “until we can do both the following year.’’

In other matters at the meeting, Town Clerk Sherry Perretta said she issued 14 dog licenses in March. Corbin said those who refuse to license or renew a license for their dogs make it not fair for those who do.

Perretta will begin sending notices out to dog owners who are delinquent on renewing.

The Town’s website has a new address since the former one was no longer available for free. The website, which hasn’t changed, can be found at

The custodial position for cleaning the Town Hall and Highway Garage was modified. Someone will be hired to clean the Highway Garage for an hour or so a week; until then, Highway employees will be assigned the task.

The Town is still in discussions with FEMA for reimbursement for storm repairs a few years ago. New paperwork showing $106,000 to be reimbursed now requires more information.

Two of the Highway Department’s International trucks are in for repairs that Corbin said will come to between $10,000 and $20,000.

The new mower is supposed to arrive in July. In the meantime Highway Superintendent Paul Owens was given permission to buy a used one at a cost up to $27,000.

No cost has been given yet for repairing the chairlift to the second-floor courtroom. The system was damaged when the roof collapsed.

Councilman Jeff Mayne was complimented on his quick response to getting the Brookfield Town Park ready on short notice for a game. When he arrived he learned that a…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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