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BCS Sets Budget For May 18 Vote

Residents in the Brookfield Central School District will vote next month on a budget than increases expenses under 2 percent.

The BCS Board of Education had a special meeting of just under half an hour last week to hear an update on the budget. While some numbers are still being finalized, enough was set for the Board to adopt the budget that voters will see.

Superintendent Jim Plows said the budget for 2021-22 was driven by the costs of the pandemic and getting students caught up in their academic level where they should be. The total budget is $7,192,137 and falls under the district’s allowed tax levy increase of 4 percent.

A simple majority, not 60 percent, of voters will be needed for approval.

Plows went through the significant changes:

*Salaries for non-instructional staff will increase

*Special Programs will see an increase of $36,000 to $307,000 due to required placements for services

*Cost for BOCES services will drop $60,000

*Money has been allocated to get the district’s Science Technology Engineering Math program back up and running next year. Because of virtual and hybrid learning, and the physical distancing requirements, group projects could not be done this year.

*An increase of $20,000 in costs for guidance and the social...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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