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BCS Graduates: Follow Your Heart

When he graduated from high school in 1982, Bill Braman went for the money.

Braman, who grew up in Bath, told the Brookfield Class of 2023 one of the first mistakes he made after graduating was to base his college choice on math and science, because that’s where the money was. “I kept taking English and philosophy classes, but stopped because there was no money in it.’’

After leaving college before getting his degree, Braman worked in construction for 20 years and was a stay-at-home dad. Then he went back to school for a degree in technology, because he had a hobby of building computers.

Eleven years after that, Braman returned to college again to earn his degree as an English teacher. “I started my career as an English teacher when I was 49 years old,’’ he said. “I urge you to never put your true passion on the back burner.’’

Braman, a substitute teacher at BCS, was chosen by the Class of 2023 as their Commencement speaker. The 11 students graduated Friday night.

Teacher Colleen Rutherford, who with Erica Shaw served as advisor to the seniors, commended the graduates for all the obstacles they overcame, including learning through…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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