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Barton Hose Co. Follows History

In the 1920s the Barton Hose Co. fire department in Deansboro bought a 1918 fire truck.

They added a hand cart to it and pulled it by horse to where needed. In 2021, the department still looks to buy a functional used vehicle rather than a new one.

For over half a century Deansboro has raised money through its Palm Sunday Ham Dinner. Fire department member Dave Parda has participated in those fund raisers, but a secret was kept from him until last year.

“I just learned last year how to make the coleslaw,’’ said Parda, who is first assistant chief. “I have 32 years in the department. It’s a well-kept secret.’’

Parda shared stories and history of the Barton Hose Co. at a recent Town of Marshall Historical Society talk. He brought scrapbooks compiled by former member Bill Koren until his death, and pieces of old and modern equipment.

Parda said the Deansboro department covers most of the Town of Marshall with the exception of areas on Paris Hill and in the Village of…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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