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All Local Budgets Pass

Waterville Central School District needed 60 percent of its voters to say yes to the 2021-22 budget for passage.

As one of just 23 districts in the state asking to exceed the allowed tax cap, WCS had not asked for a super majority before. Voters responded, and then some, approving next year’s budget by 75 percent.

Waterville’s budget, and that of all others, passed by good majorities to set in place plans for next year to close learning gaps and return education to pre-pandemic ways.

Waterville’s budget was approved 343-119, with 433 people showing up to vote and 37 voting by absentee ballot. The bus proposition passed 343-119 and budgets for Clark Memorial and Waterville libraries also passed.

In the contested school board vote, incumbent Linda Hughes was re-elected with 297 votes. David Poyer will fill the vacancy as Mark Mowrey steps down when his term ends next month.

Poyer received 275 votes and challenger Jason Acker had 233. Another 48 votes were for write-in candidates.

Clinton Central School Board of Education will also have a new board member. Dr. Lyndsey Bauer received 449 votes to start a three-year term in July.

Incumbent Melinda Leising was re-elected with 430 votes for the other seat on the ballot. Board member Sam Catterson received 402 votes.

The budget passed 606-121.

In Brookfield only 81 people came out to vote, but 60 of them supported passage of the budget. Valerie Nolan was re-elected to the board unopposed.

Madison’s budget passed 59-9, and the bus purchase proposition passed 52-16. The Capital Reserve fund proposition passed 56-12.

Jessica Clark with 59 votes and Jennah Turner with 51 were both re-elected to the school board.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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