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WCS Music Group Wants In-person Music Classes

As Waterville Central School District comes close to two months of in-person classes, the Brothertown Music Boosters said it’s time for more than just virtual music classes.

Jamie-Lee Broedel, speaking for the Boosters at last week’s WCS Board of Education meeting, said the group had waited patiently for changes to instruction. “It appears we have to fight for equal opportunity,’’ she said.

Citing the programs at Memorial Park and the Junior-Senior High schools, Broedel said Waterville has a long tradition of leadership in music and orchestra programs. “All Oneida County public schools,’’ Broedel said, “with the exception of Waterville are or planning for chorus and band in-person instruction.’’

Student athletes get a whole season for their skills, she said, but musicians gone one concert or performance or three nights of shows. “We don’t have a future,’’ she said.

Chorus and band classes are finally meeting every week via Zoom, Broedel said. Pre-coronavirus in mid-March, students received 900 minutes of group lessons and 100 minutes of individual lessons.

“Now it’s 100 minutes of virtual only lessons,’’ Broedel said, asking why the auditorium the meeting was in could not be used for group instruction.

Several times she urged the Board and administrators to reach out to the Music Department faculty for their input. “It’s shameful the administration is prioritizing some extra-curricular activities over academics,’’ Broedel said.

Another parent appeared again to speak on finding transportation for students to attend BOCES more than twice a week. She said her daughter has to miss BOCES the other two days because she is required to be in her WCS classes.

Her daughter received a report showing she had missed 11 days at BOCES, the mom said.

In response to the public comment, Interim…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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