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New Fire Truck Returns To Manufacturing Plant

The Waterville Fire Department’s new truck made a return trip back to South Dakota to address the crooked set of the truck body.

At last week’s Waterville Village Board meeting, board members, Attorney Bill Getman and Waterville Fire Chief John Salvaggio discussed the status of the $330,000 vehicle. While the village has paid for the truck, it has yet to be put into service.

After the truck was driven out from the Rosenbauer plant in Lyons, S.D., fire department members noticed the left front wheel rubbed on the body, while the right front body tilted away from the wheel. Attempts to have the problem fixed locally did not work, Salvaggio said.

The meeting began with new board member Jim Younes returning to the board after being elected earlier this month. Younes, who served as mayor a few years ago, said he was happy to be back.

A second public hearing was scheduled as required to review progress of the Community Development Housing grant. Village clerk Gayle Barnes said about $28,750 of the $500,000 grant remains to be spent.

Salvaggio said a letter was sent to Rosenbauer with a list of questions…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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