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BCS Outlines School Day

Brookfield Central School District will open next month under a structured format to protect the health of students and staff.

BCS Superintendent Jim Plows explained to the Board of Education and the up to 55 people who watched on YouTube the process the district took to arrive at the plan. He said it involved hours of all departments working independently and together to coordinate all aspects.

“It went very well,’’ Plows said of a four-hour meeting earlier that day. “We believe we have an excellent platform to open school in September.’’

Detailed as it is, he said, it will be refined once the year starts. “As conditions change we will change.’’

Every student and employee will begin their day with a home health check using an app through BOCES. These include temperature checks that are reported every day.

Students riding the bus will be socially distanced by families. “There aren’t going to be a lot of students on the bus,’’ Plows said. “Routes are going to be shorter than normal because of fewer students.’’

He thanked the many parents who agreed to drive their children to school. Doing so has made coordinating the bus routes for other students possible, he said.An average of eight students will be on a bus run.

Parents who drive their kids no longer can enter the bus circle…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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