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All Budgets Pass

Following a statewide trend, all 2020-21 budgets for local schools passed overwhelmingly last week.

Waterville Central School District’s budget passed 5039-169 and Clinton’s spending plan was approved 1,238-456. Brookfield voters approved the budget 185-55 and Madison’s budget passed 296-156.

Across the state 99 percent of budgets passed.

Although Waterville received 818 mailed absentee ballots, only 646 could be counted because the others were not signed as required. Some ballots out of the 646 could not be counted for the school board seat voting because people wrote comments on them, which is not allowed under state law.

The following school board members were elected without opposition: Megan Burdick, 1,479; Kevin Magdon, 1,474 and Luke Perry, 1,478, in Clinton; Tim Jones 555, Steve Stanton 562 and Steve Turner 536, in Waterville; Sean Karn 207, in Brookfield; and Jona Snyder 340, Laura Billings 263 and Jennah Turner 223, in Madison.

Spending propositions for Waterville Public Library (509-165) and Clark Memorial Library (496-176) passed.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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