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Get Out In Your Garden And Grow

As Alcott’s Garden Center opens its 57th year of business, the family-owned business has adapted to the way of life in spring 2020.

Brad Alcott, whose family began the Route 20 business in Waterville, and wife Tammy opened this week. “Our mission may have changed,’’ Tammy Alcott said. “We’re here to find ways to help people get through this.’’

Deemed an essential business allowed to operate under current New York state coronavirus regulations, Alcott’s offers several ways for people to get outside during the pandemic. “Flowers or vegetables,’’ Brad Alcott said, “either one helps people calm down when stressed.’’

Even before opening, the Alcotts heard feedback from longtime customers who want to expand or start vegetable gardens. “People see the value and maybe even the need to grow more vegetables and have their own food source,’’ Tammy said.

To assist, the Garden Center has increased the number of soils it sells; while seeds might be hard to find elsewhere, Brad said putting the order in early has given them a good supply and variety.

People driving by the Garden Center see the damaged greenhouses once used for the wholesale business of growing flowers. Although the Alcotts have re-acquired them after an attempt to sell that part of the business did not work out, they will not be doing wholesale sales.

Instead, they are concentrating on several ways to help people create successful gardens this year. “We are grateful to have been deemed an essential business,’’ Brad said, “and with this designation comes great responsibility we are taking seriously.’’

To maintain the state regulations on social distancing…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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